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Consulting services and education on Computer Aided Engineering using Finite Element Analysis technology with emphasis on structural, thermal, fluid and mold flow applications. Specializes in  analysis of real life large assemblies, troubleshooting and early detection of design problems. Providing optimized design solutions based on client requirements.



BS, Mechanical Engineering, Technion Institute of Technology, 1986, Cum Laude

MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, 2010



1995 - to date  -  AnalysisPros  -  President

Providing complete Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services to engineering firms. Services include consulting using latest available FEA software tools to solve practical Static, Thermal, Non-linear and Fluid flow engineering problems. Providing design verification and optimization to numerous companies in industry using FEA technology. Services focus on consulting using computerized numerical analysis employing FEA application to design or concepts received from clients and forming virtual. Specializing in detecting failure in given design and providing alternative solutions to improve performance. Sales of FEA software tools and complete training serviced and technical support.

2006 - to date  -  Aerojet -  Stress Analyst / Dynamicist

 Provides FEA modeling, analysis and testing on SM3 and Orion projects under the structural/dynamics department. Work included transferring, modeling and simulations of rocket engine design assemblies from Pro/E. Analysis included static and dynamic (random, shock and transient) as well as nonlinear simulations. Analysis effort involves optimization of structure design based on mechanical requirements. Work involves analysis planning, interfacing with customer and generation of reports. Specialty in composites, bond interfaces and analysis with temperature dependent material properties.   

2001 - 2006  Raytheon -  Stress Analyst / Dynamicist

Provided FEA modeling, analysis and testing on APL5, STSS, SBIRS, PLUTO, VIIRS and AVALON projects under the structural department. Modeling and simulations included transfer of design of large assemblies from Pro/E and IDEAS to Patran. Analysis included static and dynamic (random and transient) and nonlinear simulations. Analysis effort involved optimization of structure design based on mechanical requirements. Work included honeycomb structures, composites, bond interfaces with temperatures down to cryogenic levels, flexures, high strength fasteners and inserts. Experience in interfacing with design group and iterating for an optimized design to comply with customer specifications and program requirements.

 1991 - 1995  -  Structural Research and Analysis Corporation   -  Applications Engineer

Technical staff assisting existing and prospective clients. Responsibilities include: Providing FEA solutions for variety of engineering firms with wide range of application needs; Performing benchmarks for prospective buyers interested in testing the FEA software against experimental or known results; Technical consulting for clients in a need for assistance using COSMOS/M line of products; including development of customized software and macros; Development of training material and conducting training for existing clients and the marketing department. Experienced with static and dynamic analysis modules (linear and non-linear) as well as with fatigue, thermal, fluid and optimization analysis. Knowledge and experience with Pro/Engineer solid modeling as well as other competitive FEA systems.

1986 - 1991  -  UCSB Chemical & Nuclear Engineering Department  -  Research Assistant

Research and development of a 3D Laser Doppler Anemometery (LDA) system for turbulent open channel flows. Project responsibilities included conceptual design of a unique optical system as well as experimental apparatus. Utilization of high speed video imaging of flow visualization combined with LDA measurements and ultrasound measurements of gas- liquid interface waviness. Skills acquired include: experimental planning, designing of optical and mechanical devices, real time data acquisition software and hardware development, conducting experiments and utilizing advanced data reduction methods for enhancing physical understanding of the phenomena under study, publishing results in scientific journals.

1986 - 1991  -  UCSB Chemical & Nuclear Engineering Department  -  Teaching Assistant

Responsibilities included assistance to students in understanding class material and homework assignments, grading homework and finals. Undergraduate and Graduate courses included: Advanced Theoretical Methods, Advanced Mass transfer, Numerical Methods.



"Standing Tall Lion-Style", May 1998 Involved as FEA analyst for the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las-Vegas, Desktop Engineering.

"Hot Shots! ; CAE helps improve rifle accuracy", May 1995

"Transfer of STL models as direct solids into COSMOS/M FEA system", 1994 The COSMOS/M Link.

"Conditional Sampling in Coherent Turbulent Structures with Combined 3D Laser Anemometery and Flow Visualization", 1991 Annual Meeting of the AICHE.



Operating systems: Unix, DOS, Windows, Mac OS

Languages: Assembly, C, Fortran, Pascal, VisualBasic

CAD systems: Pro Engineer, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MicroStation

Finite Element systems: ANSYS, COSMOS/M, MSC/NASTRAN, CAEFEM, Working Model, C-MOLD

Scientific software: MatLab, MathCad, SigmaPlot, Dplot



Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Associate Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Member of the Technion Alumni Society



Computers, Mechanics, Woodwork, Photography, Sports



Available upon request from clients, employers and colleges

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